“The first few inches of that huge toy slipped inside her. She started grunting and swiveling her hips. Inch by inch – she slid down slowly until her clit was mashed up against the “balls” on it. She must’ve had 10 or 11” of incredible GIRTH up inside her. It didn’t take her long packed to the gills like that, rubbing herself against that thing before she started convulsing in an orgasm. I’d never seen her cum like that before!”


Pure Lust


“My husband and I fit together perfectly and I love him. Sometimes though, I need something that won’t fit so easily. Something so fucking big that it has to force its way into me…open me…make me bigger. Struggling to accommodate a huge, GIRTHY cock and barely being able to take it is such a turn-on. Being dominated by something big and powerful brings me off in a different way…it’s pure lust.”




My girlfriend always admitted that she likes big cocks but whenever I asked her if she liked the big toys I used on her better than my cock she always insisted that my cock was the best. I never knew what to believe so I finally tried an experiment: I told her that from now on I would only fuck her while wearing the sleeve you see in the picture (9×8). I told her it had nothing to do with her pleasure and I was going to do it solely because it turned me on to stretch her out.

I should have know what was going to happen when she didn’t even argue with my plan. And sure enough, it only took a few times of fucking her with the sleeve before she dropped all the BS and finally told me the truth about how she really felt. I had already been fucking her for a few minutes and she had already cum twice when suddenly the floodgates opened: “Baby, were you serious that you will always wear the sleeve now? Because…please don’t be mad…but it feels so much better than your cock. It’s so much bigger and I cum so much harder. This is the size my pussy needs. Your cock is really nice but this is so much bigger and it feels so much better. This is the only way I want you to fuck me anymore. Please don’t be mad. This was your idea, I can’t help that it feels so good.” I told her don’t worry and just enjoy it.

I think afterwards she felt bad about it and tried taking back some of the things she had said during sex but once I reassured her that I wasn’t upset, she admitted that everything she had said was true and that she wants it all the time now. It has been two weeks now of wearing the sleeve every time during sex and she has gotten much more comfortable (braver?) and now routinely tells me that my cock is small and that even when wearing the sleeve it only feels like a “standard cock” now. When I suggested getting a thicker sleeve she said that if she gets used to an even bigger sleeve, she will probably never be able to cum on just my cock anymore. But if I’m ok with that, then she would like a bigger sleeve so she can have that stretched feeling again. I’m not sure what to do now.


Never Forget


“His cock was so THICK I couldn’t even encircle it with my hand…massive GIRTH! I squeezed his big head into my mouth and began tonguing the underside of it. His moans and groans encouraged me. I began to taste his sweet flavor and could feel his pulse throbbing in my right hand. My pussy was absolutely on fire as I used my left hand to rub and press on myself. He shot down my throat for the first act. The second act was a very thorough fucking! Taking that huge cock into my body…feeling it push inside and move in and out of me is something I’ll never forget. Size doesn’t matter? BULLSHIT!”